Why did we create MeinBau?

We created MeinBau so that more people could have the confidence to build or renovate something of their own and keep the project moving forward without any nasty surprises. Project planning and cost control are essential for any successful project. MeinBau provides an easy-to-read overview, as well as the control needed over every step of the project funds, from the initial stages of planning through to the final invoice. We also wanted to build a community that helps and inspires others with helpful hints, success stories, checklists and forums where people can get help with any questions they might have.

How does the cost planning work?

With our unique cost planner, you can get an initial estimate of the cost of your dream home within 5 minutes. But how does it work?

Our calculations start with a base price determined by the country the building work will be taking place in. Our algorithms combine this with any costs you have input to estimate a price for your project. It also breaks down the total price down into individual costs (like roof, shell construction, plumbing, landscaping etc.).


The prices given in the app are estimates so you have a rough idea of how much things will cost. Actual costs will depend on the region, the individual companies that you choose to carry out the work, and your negotiation skills. That’s why we’ve added the flexibility of editing the costs, so when you have agreed a price you can put it straight into the app.

How will MeinBau help me after the planning stage?

Once you have planned your project and the costs MeinBau helps you to manage your spending. The overview will show you how much you have spent and how much you have left in your budget, so you can easily work out where you have extra funds or where you might have overspent.

Why is my postal code required?

Construction costs vary greatly between regions, for example the price for building work in London will be very different from a price for Inverness. MeinBau uses your postcode to give you a more accurate cost estimate. For now MeinBau only has the average cost for most of the countries in Europe, but it will get more accurate with each project as it can collect cost regional cost data anonymously.

Why should I input my personal finances?

MeinBau also helps you to estimate a mortgage rate for your project, inputing your personal finances will make it more accurate. MeinBau can then generate a loan request document (PDF file) that you can email to your bank.


We do not share this data with anyone, only you have access to this information.

How can I help make MeinBau better?

If you have experience to share, or helpful tips to give to others you can post them in our Forums. Our aim is to give our community more transparency when it comes to building and renovation costs, so any help you can give us in this area is greatly appreciated!

What are your future plans for MeinBau?

We are currently working on:

  • Adding more project categories (renovating a flat, kitchen, bathroom etc.)
  • Adding more detailed planning options in the subcategories (doors, windows, shell construction etc.)
  • Optimising the calculation algorithms to make MeinBau more accurate.
  • Adding checklists for categories and subcategories to make it easier for first time projects.
  • Collecting success stories from completed projects (if you have any to share please post them in our Forums!)